Corporate Information

Commercial Registeration Number 1010209177 dated 07/04/1426H (corresponding to 15 May 2005G)
Legal Form of Company Joint stock company
Fiscal Year 1 April - 31 March
Year Founded 2005
Auditor Name KPMG Al Fozan & Partners (Certified Public Accountants)
Purpose of Company

In accordance with the Bylaws, the Company’s activities consist of the following:

  • Buying land for the construction of buildings and commercial use thereof through sales or leasing for the benefit of the Company.
  • General contracting works for buildings, including construction, repair, demolition, restoration, maintenance and excavation works for public, residential and commercial buildings, educational, recreational and health facilities.
  • Maintenance, operation and management of malls, commercial and residential complexes.
  • Management, operation and development of land, residential complexes and neighborhoods.
  • Construction of residential buildings, as well as the maintenance and operation thereof.
  • Advertising, publicity and digital advertising.
  • Riyadh Centres Company Limited
  • Al Qaseem Company for Entertainment and Commercial Projects
  • Oyoun Al Basateen Trading Company
  • Oyoun Al Raed Mall Trading Company
  • Al Bawarij International Development and Real Estate Investment Company
  • Al Makarem International Real Estate Development Company
  • Note that the Company has a number of Dormant Subsidiaries which were previously established for the purpose of holding properties, including Al Erth Al Matin Company, Al Yarmouk Mall Company and Al Noor Mall Trading Company Limited. These dormant subsidiaries do not own or lease any property, do not have any assets, liabilities, revenues or profits and do not otherwise carry out activities.